Bali Dance Tours | Traditional Performance

See the beautifil of Balinese dance during your trip in Bali

Bali is a beautiful island has a unique culture and traditions of Hindu religion. As we known that Balinese Dance is famous from long time ago due to it has a beautiful movement. Therefore,  the traditional gamelan as an instrument on the dance sound amazing. Hence we offer a special Balinese Dance Tour to encourage you to a stage to see this traditional dance lively.

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Balinese Dance Performances

Type of Balinese Dances

Usually the dances are mostly performed in the evening but it is also available in the morning like Barong and Keris Dance. Each of dance is taking from different story, concept and stage performances.


barong, keris, dance, baliBarong and Keris Dance is a beautiful dance performed by several dancers.  The story of these dances are derived from Ramayana and Mahaberata epic. In this dance story mostly taking concept of a battle btween goodness and badness where the goodness, where Barong is symbolized as goodness, meanwhile the badness is symbolized by Rangda. 


Balinese Legong Dance

Balinese Legong Dance

Legong Dance is a beautiful set of Balinese traditional ladies dance. The performances accompanied by Balinese traditional gamelan and these dances are played by several dancers. Legong dance is devided into Baris Dance, Sekar Jagat Dance, Legong Keraton Dance, Candrawasih Dance and others. The famous Legong Dance can be seen in Ubud where the tourist can see this performance every night at this village.


Kecak and Fire DanceBalinese Kecak Dance is a beautiful and unique dance performed by dozens of people. The dancer could be 60 – 150 peoples depended on how big the event is. This unique traditional dance is taking the story from Ramayana epoch. The music is created by the voice and of each dancers. The sound of this dance is very beautiful, rumble and irregular that make it very impressive. The fire dance performance will be presented at the last of performance those are completing your impressiveness against this dance.

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Balinese Gamelan

What the PRICES of these your?

  • Barong Dance   : US$ 30 net/person
  • Legong Dance   : US$ 45 net/person (in Ubud)
  • Kecak Dance     : US$ 30 net/person

Single supplement: US$ 20 net/person

Rate inclusions:

  • 21% government tax and service charge
  • Round trip hotel pick up transfer
  • Dance Ticket
  • English Speaking Guide
  • Insurance Cover


  1. The above rates are quoted in US Currency and net including tax and service charge
  2. Rates are valid per person
  3. Single supplement fee will be charged for single traveler
  4. Advance booking and payment are absolutely required to block the space
  5. Payment can be made safely through Paypal


  • 3 days before the tour date will be charged 50% from the total invoice
  • 1 day up to No-Show will be charged full (100%) from the total invoice
  • The above cancellation policy is valid for individual booking only, meanwhile for the group booking will be advised upon the confirmation

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