Puri Sunia Resort | Ubud Bali

A Small boutique Hotel, Puri Sunia Resort Ubud



Puri Sunia Resort is nestled in its own secluded place surrounded by the natural of environment. It’s only 10 minutes drive from the hustle and bustle of Ubud. Puri Sunia resort is a home of wellness and positive energy, a home to explore Ubud and its rich cultural heritage, visit the traditional village and experience the Balinese life. The resort offers 19 rooms designed in Balinese architecture with 3 private Villas pool, 8 deluxe rooms, and 8 suites. The concept of Puri Sunia Resort is derived from Balinese word “Puri” and “Sunia”. Puri means “A house of King” and Sunia means “quiet or peaceful”. This resort is built on a high vibration land, suit for travelers to recharge the mind spirit. The room of Puri Sunia Resort offers three unique accommodation categories. Each has been created with the same meticulous attention to detail for travelers looking for some well deserved time out to relax and recharge in a serene atmosphere spoiled by nature.



The Resort Embience


Romantic“The Abangan Restaurant” is in the main building at the entrance to the resort. It has 40 seats and gives

you commanding views over the rice field and countryside, and an unequalled vantage point to watch the brilliant color of the setting sun. A royal bath style swimming pool and wooden sundeck and four water course from Balinese statues, indulge yourself, relax in the cooling shade in the middle of resort landscape gives you an opportunity to feel the cool breeze while lay down on pool chair under the shade of palm trees.



Balinese Spa

Beji Spa is luxury Spa in connection with a spacious yoga center offering an extensive spirit and healthy treatment. Indonesian herbs and spices add to the rich traditional nature of our treatments for total well being and our well-trained therapist will take pleasure in explaining each step of the treatments. The Yoga center is positioned on the top level of the resort area upper the Beji Spa near the hotel shrine, this place is a holy land with high level vibration is the best place for yoga and meditation to recharge mind and spirit.

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