Gili Gili Fast Boats | About Lombok and Gili

Where the Gili fast boat embark to

Embark to GILI

Gili means island but the word become misnomer as people formerly called them Gili as an Island. There are three Gili which is now popular among tourism, Gili Trawangan the most popular, Gili Meno in the middle and Gili Air which is now getting mentioned by many tourism from Europe  because less crowd than Gili Trawangan. Gili Trawangan is sometimes called as Party Island because so many pub, café and restaurant are so alive along the beach and they are looked as the longest beach club. The Gili Trawangan itself is only 3km long and 2km wide although he is the largest island among the Gili’s. Many young people from abroad like this atmosphere for fun and night life activity.

About Gili Island

The unique of these islands is No car and No motorbike, only horse car; we call it “Cidomo” and bicycle used for transportation to hang around the island. The Gilis is also perfect for snorkeling and Diving or just sunbathing. In 1990 these island are visited by young back packer, where there were less facilities and cheap accommodation is still easy to find. People who want to Gilis normally used public boat made from woods. Gili Meno is between Gili Trawangan and Gili Air, and more quiet smaller than the two island since it is not easy to access the island with boat. The beach mostly has coral and becomes perfect places for snorkeling and escaping from hustle and bustle.

The top list of tourist

Most visitors arrive via Gili Trawangan then jump on a connecting island hopper boat for the fifteen minute trip over the channel. There are no set timings for the crossing to Gili Meno, it’s up to the captain once the boat is full but it is possible to charter your own public boat about Rp. 300,000 per boat for 5 people. Some fine accommodation is already built and still less than Gili Trawangan in quantity.Gili Air is the nearest one to mainland; Lombok and the one with a well developed local community. Gili Air doesn’t have the full on party compared to Gili Trawangan but it still has enough entertainment to keep the traveler joyful as this island is ideal relaxation. The boat landing is in the centre of the south coast.Swimming inter island is not recommended. Traveling between the islands requires either catching the infrequent shuttle boats or chartering one to take you across. The distances between the islands may seem swimmable, but do not attempt it; the currents can be fierce and several people have died trying.

Embark to LOMBOK 

Lombok is part of Nusa Tenggara Barat ( NTB ) province of Indonesia. West part of Lombok becomes popular after 2000. Many resorts and restaurant are lying along the Senggigi beach; west part of Lombok, the central of tourism activity. Some hotels are on the hill and cliff facing the ocean and Gilis. Talking about Lombok, is just like Bali in1970. The beaches are still less of commercial activities, not so many building hotels, easy to find fine beach for fine dining and relaxation.Its stunning natural and beauty makes Lombok becomes popular especially after fast boats can catch Lombok from Bali within two hours even less. Many Travel Agents are making very attractive package Bali-Lombok with boats at the moment. It is true that fast boat never delay the departure and the port in Lombok is close to tourism center; hotels, restaurant and central information for tourist activities. Lombok has its own unique tradition and interesting places that different from other Indonesian regions.There are many unspoiled beaches and land that that attract people from West to explore this Island


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