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Bali Education Trips are the special travel programs for students, governance staff and other organizations that aim to learn, sharing the information or research in Bali. This program is specially made for the purpose of each group member able to understand and learn about things that a principal purpose of this tour. This tour is very flexible where you can specify the event in accordance to the purposes of the group. This tour can also be combined with other tours, adventures, cruises, hotels or other activities in Bali or other parts of Indonesia.

Introduction To Balinese Cultures

Bali have the very unique cultures, so many things that can be learned and known in the island where the people are very active in the Hindu religious rituals. You can learn the culture of Bali easily in this place where the tour will take you to enjoy a very unique and exclusive experience. Your group will enjoy Balinese cultures together with the local community or the students from nearby schools. You can learn the dances, play traditional Gamelan music, making offering, batik painting, kite making, painting, wood carving or making cooking a traditional Balinese cuisine.

School Visit

School Visits is a program for students where they can interact with local students in one school in the countryside. The group members will be taken to a school outside the city so they can see right there the student doing their activities with the existing facilities and lesson material. This visit was very impressive for students and increase their experience of the rural environment in Bali.

Tailor Made Tour

This tour is basically based on tailor made where you can appointed the program and communicate with the event organizer (EO). Therefore we recommend you to contact Bali Star Island/PT. Bewish International Tour to arrange your group tour programs.

Bali Education Trips | Student Travels Programs

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