Bali, The Best Holiday Destinations

Bali has been selected as a best tourist destination. This island is selected as the best holiday destinations in Asia by Smart Travel, a magazine of tourism online centering in Hongkong. Bali have succeeded to cast aside the Phuket (Thailand) and Kerala (India) which are occupying the second and third position.

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Announcement awards

This appreciation is presented by Director of Smart Travel Mr. Vijay K. Verghese to the Head On Duty Bali Province Tourism Mr. Gde Nurjaya. This event was announced on a free session of PATA Travel Mart 2007 at Bali International Convention Center, Nusa Dua Bali. The Appreciation is often accepted by Bali from the Travel and Leisure Magazine of America and Asian Time magazine.

This polling is taken from the website of this magazine which is collecting from responders that Bali has in first position followed by Phuket (Thailand), Kerala (India), Hongkong and Maldives.

From the Bali Province Government side, thi is a challenge when receiving kind of this award and also a proud that all efforts has been done can maintain the position. Bali need to work hard to keep maintains the island including all components in order to be a best place for leisure in the word.


Source of Information

The Smart Travel magazine which is based in Hongkong owning website which is accessed by many visitor and every year.  Furthermore, this magazine execute polling for the reader in form of Best Travel Brands in different categories. For the best holiday detonations category, 23.2% has chosen Bali.

Most of the responders got the good image about Bali in the international event which is participated from Bali delegation. Also the source came from the review of the publication on internet. Nurjaya also emphasize that all components from the first gate in airport until arriving back at home must keep good image for Bali.

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